Digital signage provides benefits in every industry. It’s highly scalable, cuts promotion costs, and enables real-time updates. What makes digital signage a real superstar solution are all inherent visual communication benefits that come with it.

1. It’s Quick

One reason why visual communication is extremely effective is that it can relay messages quicker than any other medium. As reported by Hub Spot, humans process visual information 60,000 times quicker than text, and that’s even faster than you can read this sentence! It can be a challenge to get people’s attention in public spaces. That’s why using digital signage works so well. It engages people, holds their attention, and you benefit knowing that your organization’s important messages are being clearly received.

2. It’s Trusted

Another benefit of visual communication is that it can help to build authenticity and confidence with your audience. Reason being, your messages are delivered via an immediately understandable and trusted medium—a TV screen. There are few limits to its use, and combining meaningful images with text and video ensures that your intended message is always understood. This makes digital signage a perfect choice for foundations and associations of all sizes to build relationships with their audiences. As you control the content narrative, you create a shared and meaningful experience for everyone in your facilities.

3. It Generates Emotion

Visual communication results in better retention of information. From a scientific perspective, it’s been found that visuals help people to remember information more effectively. The reason is that images create emotion, and emotional-based experiences are more frequently stored in long-term memory, whereas words often only make it to short-term memory. A study about retention found that after two weeks, only 10-20% of text (or spoken word) was recalled, compared with visual information, where 50% of the content was remembered.

4. It’s Affordable

Digital signage continues to experience tremendous annual growth. This is because evidence demonstrates that visual communication is crucial to an overall strategic communication plan. For foundations and associations, digital signage is a cost-effective way to reinforce identity and objectives. It amplifies profile and message, increases overall awareness of fundraising campaigns, and provides a high degree of recognition for valuable supporters.

By Edward Menashy