As a group, Millennials may have less money to donate today. However, they’re an important demographic for foundations to connect with in the future. This is due to the sheer size of the demographic, their steadily rising income, and the likelihood of receiving some of their parents’ wealth when it’s passed down.  While the prospect of attracting Millennials seems promising, charitable organizations need to be ready to meet their expectations, as they require new kinds of information to aid in their philanthropic decisions.

Millennials don’t give because of an organization’s identity, or its passion about a cause. They give because of what an organization accomplishes. They want the facts, to know that a real difference is being made, and that lives are being improved. They want regular updates about successful projects and programs. And they want to know who they helped.

Data from Blackbaud’s Annual Giving Report advises that Millennials rely on social media, websites, and instant access mobile technologies to satisfy their need for gathering information. It also comes as little surprise that Millennials expect the platforms they engage with to be sleek and up-to-date.  Based on this, it’s a missed opportunity not to engage with Millennials when they are onsite within a facility, be it healthcare, education, the arts or other.

Digital signage with the right content plan is the tool for onsite engagement to encourage a relationship with Millennials:

  • Take advantage of the captive audience, and broadcast information designed to pique their interest and sensibilities.
  • Incorporate social media feeds by showing images from Instagram and Facebook posts.
  • Provide interactive experiences with touchscreens, and inspire Millennials (and all age groups) to explore information using technology they’re comfortable with. 
  • Integrate QR codes or web short codes into digital signage content to seamlessly transition learning about your organization through a personal mobile device.

Digitality makes digital signage easy to use and affordable by removing the barriers for organizations of all sizes to promote transparency and information within their facilities. A good mixture of such transparency about work being accomplished, its impact, and demonstrating real gratitude for supporters, will not only satisfy Millennials’ expectations, it will foster long term relationships and create new ambassadors for your charity.

By Edward Menashy