Digital Donor Recognition for Etobicoke General Hospital by Digitality

Digital technologies have dramatically changed the way that information is shared, consumed and digested. This has affected the behavior patterns of supporters and their decision-making process in giving charitable donations. Overcoming this challenge, continuing to influence supporters, and fundraising in new and innovative ways, all remain ongoing objectives.

Digital donor recognition is one such method that uses the latest digital technologies to combine supporter recognition and promotion into one powerful medium. When done right, digital donor recognition can influence donor relations leading to fundraising growth.

The significant prospects for digital donor recognition are due to providing visual graphic information in a format that today’s audience, of all ages, crave: TV screens. Any number of large screens can be installed throughout a facility to share appreciation and create awareness. For additional impact, donor video walls, made by clustering screens together to produce one giant image can also be used to further wow and inspire audiences. Either way, digital donor recognition and digital messaging effectively engage and influence supporters, by broadcasting attention-grabbing visual content in public spaces. This communication approach allows you to positively influence the donation decision-making cycle, by promoting essential information about your cause, while simultaneously recognizing all donors in a modern, inclusive and meaningful way.

If your organization has many hundreds or thousands of donors, and being fully inclusive is a mandate for all or some recognition requirements, consider making it an interactive digital donor recognition solution. By adding a touchscreen, or making a fully interactive video wall, every donor in your database can be included and made accessible.  Just like using Google, all information is available with a search. Supporters can be found through their names, donation level, a specific program they may have participated in, or via any other classification system used. It is also possible to include additional information such as pictures, videos, and stories, to create further interest, and awareness for donor recognition initiatives.  As an added benefit, this can provide a new fundraising opportunity, as supporters who would like additional information included within their public profile could pay a special donation fee.

When you consider the important factors involved in digital donor recognition – affordability, ease-of-use, it’s readily available to integrate for the betterment of not-for-profit organizations – it makes sense to pause, and consider all the benefits it can deliver to your organisation today.

By Edward Menashy