Interactive Touch Panels

The touchscreen module can be incorporated into all Digitality solutions. It adds strategic value in the cycle of information gathering and donation decision making, as it organizes and makes accessible unlimited amounts of information.
  • Engage people with an interactive library filled with rich media content of impact videos, images, stories, as well as information about ways to give
  • Complement fundraising objectives and physical spaces by providing information about campaigns and attractions
  • Add on-the-spot subscriber registration for email lists and events
  • Tap to donate for collecting on-the-spot micro donations
  • Donor searching based on name, donation amounts, donor levels, categories, special gifting and others
  • Available as a wall mounted single screen, as a free-standing kiosk, or incorporated into Digitality donor video walls
  • Touchscreen kiosks available with travel cases for the added benefit of securely transporting to offsite events
  • We have many wall mount framing options. Download the Design Guide below to see them.