Guiding Principle

Digital donor recognition is considerably more than a technical and creative implementation. It’s part of an indispensable cycle that honours giving, shares essential information about how funds raised help people, and perhaps of greatest value, inspires future generosity from new and existing donors.

Digitality’s solutions are modules that combine to cost effectively provide the recognition that donors deserve, without diverting funds from the true causes they want to support.

As donor funds lead to research, growth, and the betterment of the communities served, Digitality operates with the guiding principle that modern digital donor recognition should be made beautiful, functional, and affordable for organizations of all sizes, so that everyone can benefit from it.

Innovation  =  Affordability

As the goals for digital donor recognition can include lobby focal points, gifting, event sponsorships, targeted campaigns and more, our platform is designed to efficiently scale from a single display screen to an expansive wall. Digitality’s solutions are delivered using the latest technologies and modular components that present no restrictions on size and creativity. Our unique and innovative approach allows us to provide exceptionally high quality work with deployment efficiency, creating an affordable digital donor recognition solution.

From strategy to delivery, our process is comprehensive



To understand the specific nuances and needs of your organization and team, we take the time to ask questions. As ideas, goals and objectives are discussed, we listen closely, and share insights that will guide your project down a successful path for achieving your donor recognition and funding goals.

Features & content

At this stage, we start creating a plan for your donor recognition system. We recommend features from our donor list module and Gratitude software platform that will deliver the highest value needed to achieve your goals. We also commence a content plan that leverages existing creative assets, develops required elements, and plans for future content management ease.


With the features and modules defined, we work together to determine the dimensions and finish that will best complement the space available and existing environment. For clarity during the decision-making process, our designers transform discussions into beautiful designs and 3D renders that showcase the solution’s projected appearance.

Installation & support

Digitality’s experienced team has been providing digital and traditional signage installations nationwide for decades. We are experts in the planning process, project management, and in installing signage in a live environment. After go-live, our support continues with software updates to our Gratitude platform, and an ongoing service, ensuring that your digital donor recognition system remains up to date and runs reliably for years to come.